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Tuesday, 24 March 2015


At last a change in police procedure which will be to the benefit of the innocent until proved guilty suspect insofar as police bail is to be restricted to a maximum of 28 days.  An extension to three months can be authorised by a senior [currently of unknown rank] police officer.  Beyond that the police will be required to argue their case in front of magistrates in open court.  It will prove interesting to discover what the threshold will be for a bench or DJ to approve an extension and if so for what period.

During a period in which we were told that every new law would be accompanied by the repeal of those now outdated the Justice Ministry has excelled even its own well rehearsed reputation for the spewing out of new “this” and reformed “that” by this announcement of new legislation much of which is completely unnecessary.

Whilst the digitalisation of  pleas to minor  motoring offences eg no insurance (sic)  is not the primary reason this initiative will certainly be another nail in the coffin for magistrates` current responsibilities in a court environment.

A recent survey on the attitudes of judges provides some insight into the inner opinions of a hitherto closed group of high level civil servants.  The very high response rate makes the outcomes very interesting reading.

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  1. perusing the survey;
    and the survey says;
    " the judges are only really in it, to win it. It is all about the 'Money'.
    Sadly and not what is best for an abused public demonized, but whether their Justification for onerous application of Outdated law and rulings is what the People Want, (it is not what they want), and they use a faulty 'Bell Weather' system for raising Public Support for obviously Remuneration, and a fat pension. I believe the evidence shows an outdated broken system,