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Tuesday, 10 May 2016


During the height of The Troubles Manchester was the scene of a horrific IRA attack.  Thankfully mainland atrocities perpetrated by adherents to Irish nationalism are historic now and for the foreseeable future.  The situation with Islamist terrorism in the UK has, sadly, not yet peaked and various government departments have made this abundantly clear in their arguments for increased intrusion into electronic data monitoring to be included in the so called snoopers` charter. Therefore when an exercise in police response to a full scale terrorist attack in that city was designed it was patently obvious to all involved that the "terrrorists" would be inspired as were those last year in Paris by their interpretation of Islam....i.e. they would be referred to as Islamists and not Muslims.  In order to provide as much realism as possible to this simulated situation the "terrorists" were instructed to shout the exaltation  widely used in such actual suicide attacks not just in Paris but in Mumbai, Tunisia, Jerusalem, California, Nairobi and elsewhere....... "Allahu Akbar".  If one thought that political correctness itself was approaching or past its sell by date one would have been very wrong.  Twitter activists and others presumably objected to the stereotyping of the attackers as Islamists and have persuaded Manchester Police to apologise.

This I find intolerable.  One tweet was as follows

 CommunitySafetyForum ‎@CSFUK

This sort of thing panders to stereotypes and further divides us. It will increase anti-Muslim hate crime. 


  1. When I heard that the police had apologised I was appalled. They had set up this training exercise to be as realistic as possible and they succeded in that regard and should be applauded. Then some big wig copper goes and ruins it all. Shame on you GMP.

  2. From whom else did the police think that any terrorist action might be forthcoming in this current climate? Greenpeace or Mumsnet? In the light of the Parisian and other atrocities in the name of Islam, the police and other agencies wanted to make this exercise as realistic as possible, and were quite right to use this exaltation. I agree with both you of that the police apology was totally unwarranted.

  3. No sooner had I posted the above, than the BBC News website posted as its headline story "Northern Ireland terror threat level raised in Great Britain. The threat level from Northern Ireland-related terrorism in Great Britain has gone up from moderate to substantial.It means an attack in England, Scotland or Wales is "a strong possibility"."