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Friday, 1 July 2016


Amidst the bile being spilled by disaffected REMAINERS against those who voted otherwise there is a common theme that community relations have been damaged and race and ethnic hatred has been exacerbated.  Spurious statistics have been produced and roundly demonstrated as being proof of such changes to our previously peaceful multi cultural society.  As representatives of various ethnic minorities and Corbynites for their own end seek to propagate this opinion it is refreshing to read an article in the forever was and forever will be admittedly anti E.U. Daily Express in which the the editor of the Jewish Chronicle Stephen Pollard rebuts such opinion.    

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  1. Whether or not there has been an increase in racist attacks, rest assured that The Daily Express is doing its bit for community relations. Here is just a very small selection of Express front page headlines in recent times:
    "Migrants Take ALL New Jobs in Britain" "Every Four Minutes a Migrant is Arrested in Britain" "Workers Are Fired for Being British" "We Must Stop The Migrant Invasion" "Migrant Workers Flooding Britain" "Britain Must Ban Migrants" "311 Languages Spoken in our Schools" "Migrants Cost Britain £17 Billion a Year"
    Well over one hundred different front page headlines spitting out bile and encouraging hatred.