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Tuesday, 22 November 2016


I know they do things differently in Northern Ireland but confiscating a car from a third time no insurance offender is unusual. Certainly the punishment fits the crime and would be a useful tool for benches in England and Wales.


  1. ... or Scotland.

    I'll note that the court has ordered that the car be seized. That's a fair way from it actually happening. Should be an interesting one for the bailiffs if (more likely when) she declines to co-operate.

  2. I'll lay odds that the value of the car is in the region of £100. So much cheaper that having to pay for things like MOT and Insurance. Just drive it, and if there is any problem then walk away from it.

  3. Prison sentence for no insurance?????

    1. Maximum penalty is £5000 fine, 8 penalty points or 12 months disqualification

    2. You had it right first time "they do things differently in Northern Ireland" - 6 months imprisonment for driving without insurance, see

  4. My understanding is that police in my area routinely seize vehicles which they find uninsured and which cannot be insured there and then. After that it's crush or pay very substantial storage costs to get it back.