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Friday, 17 February 2017


With a prison population at almost record levels and no prospect of its being reduced without drastic reform of sentencing guidelines shrill voices are frequently proclaiming that incarceration for non violent offenders must no longer be tolerated. They must be dealt with in the community; whatever that actually means.  This offender sentenced earlier this week for driving whilst disqualified owing to a ban imposed for drink driving a month previously has been jailed for twelve weeks and had in addition a suspended sentence for the drink driving offence  activated.  She was not violent. Without the final sanction of custody just what would happen to such offenders?

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  1. Spot on, perhaps the Howard League or other liberal lovies could advise the bench what they should have done with this woman.

    Clearly gave two fingers to the law and the courts, do we have to wait until she runs somebody down before we make a custodial sentence.

    A suspended sentence is exactly what it say's
    If the offender fails to comply with a community requirement or commits a further offence during the operational period of a suspended sentence order imposed in a magistrates’ court, the court must activate the suspended sentence in full or in part unless it would be unjust in all the circumstances to do so