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Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Got to grips for the first time with the new format for search warrants.  If truth be told it seems a waste of time.  According to L/A the changes arise from the non compliance of various parties with the previous rules for same.  So, I ask myself, why not insist that all parties;  courts, J.P.s and police follow the previous rules to the letter.  Perhaps that is too simplistic so we spent an unnecessary amount of time combing through the minutiae of the language used.    

We were required to re-open a s.172  matter where the defendant had not had his not guilty by post presented at the last occasion.  As a result he had been  found guilty in absence.     On this occasion we discovered that the service from court to the defendant  included words to the effect that his presence in court was  not required!        So once again the matter was adjourned.  We were told later that there are hundreds of examples of such incompetence piling up owing in the main to there being so few administrative staff after many redundancies and many of those that remain being unfit for the posts they hold.   

The blame of course rests with the Justices Clerks and Chris Grayling.   But I would imagine that they are pre occupied contemplating their clamber up the ladder of civil service and political favour and promotion to be bothered about such minor details. 

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