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Friday, 8 November 2013


Every now and then a little remarked upon case makes its electronic appearance in my office. And one such is this. It reminded me of the time when I had to make an emergency dash to hospital one morning with a relative in a critical condition on the back seat . I made a conscious decision to put my headlights on full beam and this was at a time many years ago before the advent of daylight running lights. I recollect even now carefully running at least two red lights sounding my horn as I did.

We might not be aware of this particular ambulance service but I doubt there is anyone who has not seen a private ambulance with its origin duly notated on its body panels speeding through town to or from an emergency. And we are all aware of the possibility eg of a driver over the limit pleading special reasons including medical emergency to evade disqualification. Perhaps the appeal against a decision based on an apparent variation of special reasons will be televised for us all to view.

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