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Wednesday, 8 October 2014


We`ve all read transcripts of 999 calls where the document has been adduced by the CPS or occasionally counsel for the defence and generally do not question its accuracy.  I was of that mind until a recent sitting caused an abrupt change of mind.  The document covered a call of about a minute and was two pages in length.  During the call the complainant never mentioned by name or   relationship the person who, she felt, was a threat to her.  He was referred to throughout as “he”.  However just over half way through the document the police support person taking the call referred to the third party by name.  Now it might just be my paranoia getting up a head of steam but I found this rather peculiar.  There might have been an innocent reason for this occurrence  but fortunately there was no need to probe further as we found no case to answer.  But the lesson was well learned; in court there is no embarrassment  in being a fact it should be considered a compliment.

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