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Monday, 22 December 2014


Over the years magistrates have been removed from the bench for a variety of reasons; some that were arguably perhaps rather petty and others for criminal activity from assault to murder.  But for sheer stupidity the honours must go to this idiot who paraded around on Twitter holding an AK 47.  Maybe he thought he could   intimidate some defendants who might appear before him. 


  1. I agree. The dishevelled appearance and lack of a proper jacket, shirt and tie and pocket square are deplorable.

    Or alternatively, what on earth? Surely this is just a bloke on holiday posing with a deactivated AK47, which is not illegal in the UK anyway. What is the big deal?

  2. If his thought processes think that putting this picture on social media is a good idea, I shudder to think how he deals with court business.