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Monday, 12 January 2015


Yesterday as on most Sundays mornings  the coffee and toast on the table had to find shared space with the Sunday Times.  As I turned the pages,  when Rod Liddle`s face appeared I knew without further reading that there would be controversy in simple uncluttered English language; language that when it comes to Muslim attitudes to facets of British society   would no doubt ignite politically correct persons to auto combustion.  The opening paragraphs can be accessed in pre pay wall introduction here.  I quote from a following paragraph; 

But what of British Muslims? An NOP poll in 2006 reported that 68% of our Muslim community thought that British people who insulted the prophet should be prosecuted.  Not killed, mind – just banged up.  Further, 28% hoped that Britain would become an “Islamic state”.  In a later poll for the Policy Exchange think tank, more than a third of young British Muslims said they thought apostates should be put to death.  And in another, some 40% of Muslims wanted Sharia in the UK.

I have been prompted to check these numbers because over the last few days most commentators have been speaking of the small minority of Muslims who hold extremist views contrary to what would be generally accepted as democratic ideals as developed from the Judeo – Christian background of western philosophy.  This unquantifiable website has some pertinent links.

I find it disturbing that there are no more recent opinion polls on such attitudes.  Perhaps those who might be interested are unlikely to commission such when they are concerned that the results might prove to be disturbing.

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