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Sunday, 9 August 2015


When elections of any sort for any post are held and the winner(s) declared, after their majority is announced the next figure usually published is the turn out.  This latter number can often cause as much interest as all the others put together an example being the percentage of voters in the recent general election who did not vote Conservative or the Conservative vote being expressed as a fraction of all eligible voters.  These figures have been bandied about in comparison to the recent overwhelming vote to strike by the workers on the London Underground.  I make no comment on the relative significance of either percentage  vote but merely as an illustration.  In a similar vein I have for readers to access here the results of the recent election for the next chairman of the Magistrates Association.  In my opinion my former colleagues who have remained members of MA  have nobody to blame but their own apathy for the likely inadequacy of their representatives vis a vis govenment over the next three years.


  1. Only available to the (declining numbers of) members of the MA sadly.

  2. The issue here is that many JPs are asking themselves "what has the MA done with our £40 subscription in defending justice against the authoritarian diktats of the Ministry of Injustice?". Many are coming to the conclusion "not a lot" hence the apathy and perhaps unwillingness to support it further.

  3. I have never been backward in coming forward with my view about the MA on another blogspace. Indeed, as SouthLondonJP my views are there for all to see. I used to be a contributor to the MA Forum - until that was promptly closed down without much warning probably because some members had the audacity to post there and say things that the leadership either didn't want to hear or have their inadequacies exposed. It is therefore no wonder that members are leaving in droves.

    I am sorry to say that what this debacle proves to me is that those who seek high office in the MA are not doing it out of a sense of wanting to represent the membership but rather for a bit of self aggrandisement and hobnobbing with politicians who promptly sideline them when any important decisions affecting the Magistracy are actually made. BTW, I did in fact vote in the MA elections - so feel quite justified in expressing my views.

    1. I too South London JP was a founder contributer to that forum and began this blog in August 2009 after being abused by a an obnoxious know it all colleague. I am forever thankful for his final insults.