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Tuesday, 5 January 2016


It is delightful that this, my first post in a new year, concerns Manchester Police who seem to have more controversies per head than even the Met.  There are some human functions which owing to their nervous pathways produce involuntary reactions or those over which there is minimal control.  Vomiting, sneezing with the accompanying blink and coughing come to mind in the former category with the last producing  a reflex to spit;  an offence in a public place in some boroughs.  There is another reflex known to both sexes and experienced by the male of the species.  Especially in teenagers and young men sexual arousal can be without pattern and often without a nearby actual object of desire virtual or real. In a public place does an obvious erection indicate a propensity to commit sexual assault?  The aforementioned constabulary seems to think so. Has the world gone mad?  Perhaps I should rephrase.......has the victim says so, so it must be concept gone beyond the point of no return?  After all,  often it is the so called victim who determines racial or religious aggravation or just simple name calling by those with more common sense.  

Authority in this country is becoming a laughing stock. We are law breakers for the most inane reasons and yet can`t keep track of would be terrorists who would blow us and our way of life away.  

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  1. Today's news of the apparent mishandling of the imposition of police bail conditions (some reporters keep mentioning court bail but that would seem to be incorrect) and reports such as that you quote leave one in a state of utter despair over the priorities our police seem to have. And perhaps we should remember the two of the most expensive police operations ever mounted........................historic sex abuse allegations and telephone hacking by journalists.