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Monday, 18 January 2016


It seems irresistible to Justice ministers to laud cherry picked aspects of the American justice systems which offer an excuse for the failure of rehabilitative measures in this country to reduce the prison population.  They are happy to ignore, at least publicly, the binary procedures in the USA where federal, state and county jurisdictions are simultaneously operational.  They also conveniently overlook that many appointed positions in this country are elected positions in America.

The latest idea of those such clever folk at Petty France London SW1 is to charge local authorities prison costs for every one of their  residents put inside.  The minor matter of determining residency of prisoners I suppose is tucked away in some internal briefing note`s footnotes. The fiasco otherwise called the transformation of probation services initiated by the worst Lord Chancellor in living memory reincarnated as the Leader of the Commons, Chris Grayling,  which  played a major part in the continuing high numbers incarcerated and re convicted, is not something we`ll hear too much about from those spinning for Michael Gove.  It takes no insight whatever to realise that wealthier mainly Tory voting boroughs would be less likely to be funding such a scheme than poorer inner city Labour councils who would have their council tax resources put under even greater pressures than currently is the case.

Perhaps the 69 weasels posing as communication personnel at the MOJ have taken the lead from their political masters that with Labour in such disarray anything goes.  Such arrogance currently enveloping the government in many departments must be good news to the Marxist plotters surrounding Jeremy Corbyn.  They might not have a Joseph Stalin in embryonic form but arguably they have an Alexander Kerensky.

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