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Tuesday, 8 March 2016


My musings on February 23rd included the following; "When outsourced or outreach quasi government agencies are in a barrel load of criticism and worse all those highly paid consultants dig deep into their reservoir of the pigshit they have for brains and spend fortunes redesigning logos and selecting a new title with which to brand the product. "

Last Thursday March 3rd I posted inter alia that the IPCC was not fit for purpose. It seems that the Home Secretary kept it from me that she too had misgivings about the so called police watchdog.  The seriousness of a government department`s intention to clean out the stables can always be gauged by the so called advice to it from the expensively hired consultants and advisors hired to cover its arse. This current regime has more such weasels than any previous. In February 2013 the Home Office employed in one form or another  27,546 people.  It is difficult to obtain current numbers of "consultants/advisors" employed on short term contracts. Figures published in the Telegraph in 2009 showed that in the previous four years under the Labour government £500 million was paid to such people.  But back to the current situation and yesterday`s  announcement by the Home Secretary of a shake up at the Independent Police Complaints Commission. Indeed this organisation and its rebranding in 2004 from what was then called the  Police Complaints Authority can be seen as typical of the way quangos in this country fail, are renamed and rebranded and fail again with the whole process repeated every decade or so whether the organisations are involved in health, security, education, teaching, social fact in all walks of supposed public service. 

There is without doubt a deficit within the governance of this country which goes beyond party political differences.  It is as much a part of the myth that is Britain as is the stiff upper lip of its inhabitants.  Corruption at high levels  whilst arguably and visibly on the rise might be below that of a banana republic but the covering up of government failure after failure by waving a magician`s cloak of political deception  over it to reveal,  when it is flamboyantly removed, an all new bright and shiny fully functioning renamed quango is the British way of doing things just like the gentlemanly way we supposedly play our cricket except that others do it better and more honestly.

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