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Monday, 28 March 2016


It seems that the man whom Metropolitan Police asserted had gone a tweet too far has been spared prosecution. The original story was posted here last Friday and in many other places. According to a BBC report  " a charge under the act "can only be prosecuted with consent of Attorney General" and requires a referral to the Counter Terrorism Division to "be dealt with by specialist prosecutor" the act being the Incitement to racial hatred - sections 17-29 Public Order Act 1986.  However I seem to recall a case on which I sat  two or three years ago with a similar scenario and it was brought under s.5 Public Order Act.  If that were the act used in the current case the blah about the CPS is just covering up the Met`s incompetence yet again.  If the BBC report is indeed accurate once more the Met has caused its own problem.  I suppose with a Commissioner, who like Arsen Wenger, considers he can do no wrong why should we be surprised at the arrogance of some of his constables.

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