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Friday, 22 April 2016


One of the benefits of our supposedly open society is that scandals involving public bodies or personalities are no longer so easily brushed under the carpet.  From lecherous avoricious senior police officers, drug taking bank chairmen, lying M.P.s, incompetent quango chiefs and paedophilic pediatricians to terrorist sympathising government advisors, and despite Leveson, the shit concealed under layers of   bureaucracy by some organisations is still being revealed to the dismay of those who continue exclaim that corruption levels in this country are minimal cf the rest.  Perhaps Kent Police and its PCC agree and perhaps they`re complacent.  I would hazard an opinion that in every police force there is a hard core of officers who show scant disregard for the ethics of the job they`ve chosen for a career. 

It is hard to find anything satisfactory to observe in this case only to note that it appears that no senior officer is under investigation for either incompetence or involvement.  Once again it is an organisational error.   As far as the lawyer involved in this;  I would hope that s/he is investigated by the appropriate professional authority to determine whether or not her/his hands are snow white. 

ADDENDUM 28th April 2016

In the old days it would have been called "a stitch up".  But this time it failed.  Just another everyday story of police folk.

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