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Thursday, 23 June 2016


On Referendum Day it would be churlish to overlook its significance even on this site.  Referendums are a bit like London buses; until recently there hadn`t been one for close on forty years and then two arrive in quick succession.  

One major area where the two sides have been throwing slings and arrows is that of the proportion of the legislation under which we live that is due to its being imposed upon us by the E.U.  Remain say around 10% and Brexit estimate anything between 50% and 70%.  The difference as I understand it is that there is direct legislation but much more in the form of directives imposed upon us.  On the bench this was brought home to me during an afternoon dealing with transgressions concerning lorries and their drivers and/or owners.  The prosecutor`s opinion was that at the very minimum 50% of the regulations were down to EU directives over which our government had no power to refuse implementation.  My immediate thoughts at the time were that we don`t need an outside body for such matters when our own parliament can introduce the necessary legislation in that area in the normal way. 

I have voted LEAVE.  It will be black coffee for me this evening and a whisky and cigar if we obtain the magical n+1.  

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