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Thursday, 9 June 2016


On January 25th I commented on a police action that was beyond being sublime and ridiculous.  The case has now progressed to the ranks of Alice in Wonderland although police would say that Alice would be at risk.  Perhaps Kafka would have appreciated the nonsense produced from that super efficient constabulary that protects the worthy citizens of North Yorkshire.  In this case under threat of a long period in custody if he disobeys a man must tell police 24 hours before he has sexual intercourse.  It is a presumption that it is heterosexual intercourse under discussion and that the man might masturbate without notice to anybody if he feels the urge. It is beyond belief but then that is how Kafka gave his name to such idiotic officialdom. 

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  1. One does wonder quite how the police farce in this situation aim to discover any evidence of any transgression on this man's part. Suggestions?