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Wednesday, 10 August 2016


It is disturbing that it appears that many black people are looking to America to discover their binary relationship in being black and British.  But perhaps it is not surprising.  How many generations did it take for Anglo Saxons to consider themselves English, Normans to become anglicised, French Huguenots to "become British" or Irish navvies to consider themselves British of Irish heritage.  In America countless millions of Italian, Irish, Jewish and Scots Americans celebrate their origins even at the tenth generation removed. But they were all white or almost white skinned.  My own visits and sojourns to the deep south leave me in no doubt that there is still a deep division between white and black Americans.  So why is it in that direction that some black Britons look for inspiration in their aspirations when the degree of racial harmony in this country puts America and other places to shame? 

David Lammy is a black politician who throughout his career has seemed to  to ride on the backs of two horses at once attempting to balance between the left and the right. He is currently   leading a review of the Criminal Justice System in England and Wales to investigate evidence of possible bias against black defendants and other ethnic minorities.  He is certainly no shrinking any politician?  He has issued more than one interim account of his work this being the latest. When he comes to his almost inevitable conclusion one would hope that his work is better researched than those of the newest black grouping to wrap itself in the folds of Americans who have very good cause to justify their slogan of "Black Lives Matter".   have corrected some numbers from the British "Black Lives Matter" organisation.  In such contentious circumstances it is essential that statistics are fact checked to the "n"th degree before publication.  

And a final word on Mr Lammy; his voting record on E.U. matters is open to doubting his true affiliations.  In 2007/8 he was apparently a supporter of integration within the E.U. but was mostly absent on E.U. connected votes since then.  He was, however, the first M.P. to publicly announce his support for a second referendum after the result was announced on June 23rd.  He has been quoted as saying, "63% of the electorate did not vote for Brexit". Using the same arithmetic almost 60% of his north London constituency did not vote for him in the 2015 election. He was elected!  I would hope his aforementioned review which is certain to cause some headlines when published is on firmer foundations than his numerical reasoning. 

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