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Monday, 22 August 2016


The saga of the sadomasochist who is under a police notice to tell them 24 hours in advance of his proposed sexual activity  continues  from the first mention here on January 25th.  A follow up was posted on June 9th.  Whatever the legal niceties where the angels on the pinhead have been well and truly counted the current state of affairs in this matter appears to be a blight on any meaning of the term "justice".

The District Judge ruled that the terms of the ban imposing a 24 hour notice period were disproportionate but that nevertheless the order will not be reviewed until a further hearing on September 22nd.  This individual might not be the man that the father of the bride might wish for a son in law but he was found not guilty at a trial for rape.  Even so police branded him as "a very dangerous individual".  In my naivety I did not think that such actions could take place in this country.  After all this is not Turkey of "Midnight Express" or Russia under a repressive regime or  Czechoslovakia during the time of Franz Kafka. This is England in 2016.  What have we become?  Where are we going?

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  1. Well said- I can't understand why the civil liberties campaigners are so quiet on this. Would they more vocal if it were a woman?