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Thursday, 19 January 2017


Here`s a forthcoming trial to exercise the little grey cells of the J.P.s who will be involved. It might also be a guide for others. Without delving into the legal minutiae  of theft it seems to this observer that the law is quite clear; the goods were the property of the supermarket irrespective of what it as the owner decided to do with them.  I suppose it comes down to the tabloids` view of the morality of the whole situation eg the sight of food banks no longer apparently being an unusual situation.  You pays your money, or in this case you don`t, and makes your choice.

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  1. It appears that the trial will have nothing to do with theft, or the ownership of the goods, but rather the "Punishment of idle and disorderly Persons, and Rogues and Vagabonds" (1824 Vagrancy Act).

    It appears that "every Person being able wholly or in part to maintain himself or herself, or his or her Family, by Work or by other Means, and wilfully refusing neglecting so to do [may be committed] to the House of Correction, there to be kept to hard Labour for any Time not exceeding One Calendar Month."

    Those rocks aren't going to break themselves, you know.