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Thursday, 28 May 2015


Reading this report and accepting such limitations to my knowledge of the particular case I can only wonder why former colleagues allowed this fellow to retain a license to drive. Perhaps they were under the impression that the Sword of Damacles approach would act as a deterrent.  The public in North Devon I would suggest might not be so generous. 


  1. In my experience the rationale will be something like this:

    - He doesn't currently have a license and for medical reasons is unlikely to get one quickly.
    - Any ban would be comparatively short, and so may not actually be a penalty at all.
    - If he does get a license nine points will be there for three years which will be a longer term incentive to drive like a nun.

  2. The real problem is that he is happy to drive without a licence and hence without insurance etc, so banning him won't have the slightest effect. The only effective sanction is one that renders him incapable of driving and I'm not sure that the method of doing this would be acceptable.......