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Friday, 1 May 2015


Changes in society take place at the edges; not in the centre.  They are insidious.  They creep in unnoticed by most but in a process which I liken to osmosis absorption takes place silently by stealth until at some future time the cry goes out, “How did we get here?  How could this (or that) happen in a country like ours?”  Why did this happen?" In the last couple of days three events, each insignificant in itself , give a clear indication of just what is taking place in our country beneath our  very own noses.  The combined odour is not to my taste.

Police forces are increasingly making it clear that they are no longer interested in accepting lost property being handed in to them by honest citizens behaving in what can only be described as a good example to others. I remember as a child my mother telling me to hand in to the local police station a ten shilling note I found in the park. That at a time when 10/- was a fortune to a seven year old.  Theft by finding is an offence rarely made out.  It will be rarer still from now on.   Decisions such as this  by police initiated by lack of resources will only reinforce the concept of all for one and one for one. So much for the concept of being my brother`s keeper.

Paedophilia is a grotesque offence.  Charging and convicting elderly men even in their nineties for their heinous actions many decades previously is as correct as  charging those involved in the Holocaust.  But to give immediate custody to such an individual who suffers from dementia, diabetes, deafness and uses a catheter IMHO shows that even the Appeal Court is being driven by hysteria.  It is intolerable.

The final example of the legal process living in its version of cloud cuckoo land is when a woman`s complaint about being wolf whistled is taken seriously enough by police to talk to the supposed offender.  Perhaps West Mercia Police used the time saved from accepting lost property found on the streets by the public to send officers to investigate.


  1. What are you suggesting?

    - That men should feel free to wolf whistle at women with impunity?
    - that a woman who feels harassed enough to record a video of unwanted behaviour should not be taken seriously?
    - That the police should not investigate allegations of crime?

    Surely this is exactly what we would expect, a woman feels harassed, she gathers evidence (so presumably wasn't first or even second time) then she speaks to police. The police speak to the accused and say cut it out / grow up. It's what you might call old school policing. I could understand your gripe if there was a prosecution, but there was not.

  2. Except that as the police seem to have ignored many cases of abuse of women and girls as cultural behaviour in which they should not interfere, when behaviour long linked to the culture on building sites occurs, they don't hesitate to take it seriously. And so they should, now, but they do seem very selective about their targets.

  3. It may well be that the 90 year old in prison gets better treatment than he might in a "care" home.