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Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Two widely respected individuals have recently expressed their opinions on matters legal one of which will be refreshing for the majority involved in our courts` system and the other is already setting the feminist cat amongst the male pigeons.

Jushua Rozenberg whose comments for years have resonated with many including this blogger writing in the Law Society Gazette places his well polished boot straight into the arse of the unlamented Lord Chancellor of the coalition Chris Grayling.  His closing paragraph copied below* follows from a statement from Shailesh Vara  Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice {21/09/2015}  that he sees no significance in the numbers of J.P.s thought to have resigned...also copied below**. 

* "Gove may not be too worried by reports that more than 50 magistrates have resigned over the charge. But what should concern him is that this is another ineffective Grayling legacy that is wrong in principle and costly in practice."

**  "There is no evidence that magistrates are resigning in greater numbers this year than in previous years."

It really is about time that some senior judicial voices made themselves publicly heard on this subject.

When differences between the sexes are aired in any observation concerning however vaguely the matter of employment or capability tongues previously blunted suddenly find their sharp edge.  Linkedin provided such an entertaining scene just a couple of weeks ago.  This week no less than Supreme Court Judge Lord Sumption offered his opinion loud and clear in public  that the rush for gender equality in the senior judiciary could cause existential problems for our justice system.  The comments following the Law Society Gazette report are as thought provoking  as his lordship`s original observations.  Perhaps he will be the voice of reason on the topic above mentioned if and when he again uses his post as a pulpit for debate.

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