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Sunday, 20 September 2015


Shailesh Vara The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice

Utilisation rates for Hartlepool, Teesside and England and Wales are provided below:
Property Name2010-112011-122012-132013-142014-15
Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court and County Court70%43%50%44%49%
Teesside Magistrates’ Court78%76%80%68%58%
England and Wales Magistrates' Court average59%63%63%51%46%
This shows that nationally Magistrates’ Courts are used for less than half of their available hearing time.

The above was published September 18th but the numbers cannot be taken seriously.  The definition of "utilsation rate" of magistrates` courts  is as obscure as the definition of "abracadabra" notwithstanding the reasons for their  apparent inefficiency which are often as a result of  failing performances of government`s own agencies; i.e. HMCTS, CPS and Victim Support. Once again the only magic here is MOJ spin. 

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