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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Imagine you`re sitting in a cafe/bistro in an inner city suburb one evening and a mob of several hundred mainly  teenagers both black and white waving flaming torches marches down the street threatening to break the cafe`s windows where you`re sitting enjoying a dinner out.  Their target is the very place you`ve chosen to spend some of your hard earned money. You would expect the police to arrive swiftly  in overwhelming numbers to protect life and property.  The following day you would also expect to read that dozens of protesters had been arrested on charges ranging from criminal damage to affray.  If the above scenario had taken place in an "improving " area of East London your expectations would have failed to be realised.  Virtually every inner city area of London has either been gentrified or is on the horizon so to be. From Notting Hill in the 60s where signs on slum properties for rent read, "NO DOGS, NO IRISH, NO BLACKS" to Shorerditch today via Crouch End in the north to Shepherds Bush in the west not forgetting Elephant and Battersea in the south, shopping parades have changed from the provision of services for poorer working and non working  families to those catering for the more exotic tastes of an aspiring middle class eschewing the attractions of a three bed semi in MetroLand in preference for a two bedroom converted flat at a cost of half a million pounds. And in Shoreditch last Saturday after an event which would have been to say the least decidedly unpleasant for those in the cafe or nearby only one person so far  has been arrested by those brave men in Met Police blue and that is on suspicion of causing criminal damage.

The protesters of a hard left variety also managed to encapsulate the anti semitism which has become de rigueur of late amongst the comrades in their  Facebook page advertising the event, " Our communities are being ripped apart - by Russian oligarchs, Saudi Sheiks, Israeli scumbag property developers,"  where it is considered that insults to "Israelis" in this context of supposed  gentrification can usefully take the place of "Jews" without  a breach of legislation on race relations. 

There is definitely something still very rotten in the state of the Met. but there is something decidedly  evil in the Left`s resurrection of the oldest virus. 

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