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Friday, 20 November 2015


For those interested in how our highly respected intelligent and public spirited M.P.s discuss matters of interest and how a mendacious government minister  tries to cover his arse there is no better place to spend five minutes than reading this week`s House of Commons debate on the criminal courts charge and if that isn`t sufficient try reading yesterday`s report of the the Justice Committee of the House of Commons. I think that`s enough until next week.


  1. "Has been made abundantly clear to magistrates and the judiciary"

    Above is a quote from one of the answers given by Mr Shailesh Vara, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice.

    So, it seems that the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice is unaware that magistrates are, in fact, a part of the judiciary.

    A small point, you may think. but I would aver that it is symptomatic of the ignorance of those who occupy these important positions.

    1. A valid point which I had overlooked...........thanks for the comment