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Friday, 6 November 2015


It is cases such as this which cause compassionate law abiding and sometimes God fearing individuals to question whether the law is out of kilter with the thinking of the common folk of this country.  Their opinions have sometimes been held in disdain by highly qualified "human rights " advocates whilst  politically correct socialists and millionaire entertainers have not been averse to branding such opinions with epithets indicating a more direct contempt. 

At the best of times such events are a cause of disquiet: in a period of heightened tensions and a referendum within 18 months such reports are unlikely to provide more light than heat to the debate.

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  1. Not quite sue what you are saying, although you seem to be disagreeing with the judgement. A very fair report by the local rag/website though so full marks to the journalist there.

    Perhaps the better question is why the gentleman wasn't deported when he should have been. The Home Office has, to an extent, bought it upon itself.