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Thursday, 29 May 2014


Talking to a newly appointed colleague recently after his sitting on his first applications court reminded me of a couple of previous sittings in such a court some months ago. Amongst other matters there was an application for a search warrant on a property where there was thought to be evidence of illegal importation of rare birds. And then I thought of pigeons.

These rats of the air, carriers of various diseases we are told and scourge of street and window cleaners, are the polices` latest allies in the war against drugs. Not that they are replacing out of order radios with pigeons of the messenger variety, but like most of us they prefer warm feet to chilly toes. At the next applications court P.C. Plod had a warrant for us to approve a search of an upper maisonette where it was thought crystal meth was being manufactured in the roof space. Amongst the information given was that the sulphur fumes given off in the process were disturbing and causing nausea to neighbours. But, he added, the increased heat also a by product of production, had heated the roof tiles attracting enormous numbers of pigeons who had made their presence very obvious by their by products, not quite of production, but of their digestive tracts. That was certainly a first for me although a colleague that day remarked on a similar application during the winter when the information on a suspected cannabis factory apart from the dealer occupier was of the only roof in a row of snow covered terraced houses without any snow.

Such are some lighter moments of being a Justice of the Peace.

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