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Monday, 2 February 2015


The word “beast” is the type of noun with its associated term “bestiality” and adjectival derivative which is often used to describe mankind`s lowest form of behaviour or action.  When used in its legal form bestiality becomes the basis for the either way charge of having intercourse with an animal.   This reported case which is continuing is as interesting as any I have read on the topic although I have to admit to the emergence of a very slight smirk as I read on.  


  1. No smirks indeed - having been found not guilty of sex with the pony, the guy got 4 years for outraging public decency.

    1. Thanks for the update. Always a pleasure to hear from probation

  2. I can match - if not top - that with one of the first court cases I ever covered on as a young newspaper reporter in the early 1960s. A farm worker was up before the bench for b*ggering a pigeon, seen in a field by a police sergeant who happened to be cycling past. My editor refused to print it on the grounds of outraging our readership, and listed it only as a conviction for a lewd act.