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Monday, 16 February 2015


It is truly hard to believe what unthinking nonsense has emanated from Grayling`s fiefdom in the last four years and true to form with only three months to go the press office of the Ministry of Justice has been working overtime expounding the latest thoughts of chairman Chris.  Amongst those wonderful new initiatives from the great leader is the Social Action, Responsibility andHeroism (SARAH) Act.  It seems that the reason for this completely unnecessary piece of legislation is the political correctness, a scourge of our generation, which has banished the concept of common sense.  Everything now has to be pre or perhaps proscribed. Not content with that the  Criminal Justice and Courts Act will inter alia prevent long serving  prisoners being offered early release until the Parole Board is satisfied that they no longer pose a threat to society.  This is all very well if the conditions for possible parole were met in a timely fashion. Unfortunately in the real world it ain`t necessarily so.   New increased sentences for on line trolls are a total waste of time.  Contrary to newspaper headlines there are relatively few such convictions under current laws.  It is questionable that the situation requires new legislation.  The arguments and comments here are worth a glance.  Jury misconduct is also being categorised including    researching details of a case (including online research).  I have never sat as a juror.  There is no research on what happens within the confines of the jury room.  But bringing together twelve strangers each with his/her own knowledge base is it  now to be a crime for one of the cohort to impart his/her own knowledge based on some experience to the others when it is directly relevant to the evidence presented?

Not content with a so called “victim” surcharge on all offenders we have now reached the point where financial penalties are likely to be increased for offenders “to pay for the courts”.  What perverted thinking has infected what passes for the brain of this Lord Chancellor and those zombies who must obey his every whim?  Along with the defence of the realm justice must be disposed by the crown and accordingly whether it`s Alfred the Great`s justice or Queen Elizabeth 2nd`s  it behoves the state to finance this mainstay and pillar of our country and not outsource it.  It has been asked previously but now the rhetorical question “what price justice” can be answered: look deep into the accounts in the bowels of Petty France.

The most calamitous post war Lord Chancellor is determined that the good ship Justice will go down with all hands including his red ones.

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