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Monday, 5 September 2016


Talented transvestite extraordinaire Eddie Izzard had his beret stolen.   Considering it was returned to him does this really justify a charge of theft and all the cost that magistrates` court appearance entails?


  1. With you again. He got it back - he's happy (I hope) and every body went on their way except the guy who pulled it off his head. He will have been arrested, cautioned, taken to the nick, arresting officer would have explained to custody sergeant what had happened, sergeant would have raised his eyebrows, def would have been searched, had his shoes taken off him, put in a cell and waited until some detective suggested he should be released on police bail to either return for further questioning or to appear in court. (Oh and by the way his fingerprints would have been taken to see if he was 'known' and maybe he was even fed while he was in custody. And we wonder why there is all the waste in the CJ system. And after all this he could have been cautioned!Give me a break...

    1. Sadly, the beret was retained as evidence. So, worst result all round, really.