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Saturday, 3 September 2016


As far as I know Judaism is not a  proselytising religion but for those who aspire for whatever reason to join the "chosen people" an initiation for would be male members is the norm. It is somewhat surprising therefore to read of the situation in Glenochil prison in Scotland where over 100 inmates have claimed their conversion to the religion of Jesus justifies their receiving kosher food. I doubt that even Nigella Lawson`s chicken soup would be  tasty enough  for their undergoing the ultimate procedure in proclaiming their new faith.  Apparently the prison authorities have to take them at their word without making further inquiries or examination as to their depth of commitment. 

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  1. Kosher porridge plus a kosher vitamin pill ought to fulfil the religious requirements quite nicely, I would think. The advantage here is that pretty much no religion on the planet objects to porridge, or to bean stew or similar poor peoples' foodstuffs, and such foods can be trivially easily prepared in bulk.

    Since the main ulterior motive of prisoners claiming to be religious is to improve their food rations, giving religious people a sort of acceptable-to-all basic fortified slop ought to dissuade many from this sort of annoying stupidity.