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Tuesday, 13 September 2016


There is no other way of saying this: sometimes I think this country and some of its authorities and power sources have gone arse over tit in their quest for so called "equality".  Perhaps it is the Left`s inability to get over Britain`s activity in the slave trade notwithstanding that Britain was also the first country to abolish that sordid activity which is still operational in parts of the globe. Perhaps the less than benign practices employed for the centuries when Britain ruled an empire still feature on the conscience of those who revile the western concept of democracy built upon Judeo Christian foundations.   Perhaps there are those who began reading Animal Farm but put it down before the story ended and still fail to see where the animals were led by so called "equality".  Whatever the motivation I was astonished to read of a so called Chief Constable who has advocated the possibility in the name of diversity of allowing his female Muslim officers to wear the burka.   This is "equal rights" gone stark staring mad.  Apart from the underlying philosophy of those who choose  to demonstrate their beliefs in such apparel, such beliefs not necessarily compatible with the law of the land they are employed to apply, in practical terms it would be ridiculous.   

I find it disturbing that such thinking processes led to this police chief`s absurd posturing.  


  1. This Chief Constable should be made to resign immediately following his asinine comment. Like you I am appalled that we have such people in positions of power that talk such tosh. And his PCC should also answer why even he didn't demur from this nonsense. The people of the West Midlands deserve so much better from these two highly paid police officials. Gawd help us.

  2. No disagreement on police wearing the burka, but it is you who needs to re-read Animal Farm. Equality on the farm was a very great success. It was not equality that led to disaster. It was the exact opposite – i.e. the forces opposed to equality. As to the slave trade, on reflection don’t you think it was distasteful for you to suggest that it is only the Left that has an inability “to get over” it.
    As to the British empire and the western concept of democracy, it’s not clear what you are trying to say here but it is clear that these two things are incompatible. You can be in favour of one or the other but not both.

  3. Bobby Peel might have said that the police are the public and the public are the police.

    Then he'd take a look at modern policing, scream, and spin in his grave with enough force to power a small town.

    Chasing this fantasy that the police should look like the public is farcical, given the push to close down local stations and centralise 'services'. Indeed, putting the right sort of minority into the wrong sort of area is more provocative - to the professionally provoked - than sending in the usual pasty beanpoles and nippy sweeties.

    On this specific subject, the idea of putting my trust in someone who is signalling their distrust of my animal lusts, and/or their subjugation to a medieval ideology, is risible. I won't say offensive, I'll leave that to Generation Snowflake, but it's going to put up walls rather than tearing them down.