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Wednesday, 12 April 2017


There are times when individuals in authority or institutions behave in such a cack handed manner in an all seeing world of smart phones that one can only marvel at their stupidity. The P.R. debacle at United Airlines is a prime example.  But such examples are all around us every day.  A housing association has its rules and as such it expects compliance. Whoever contacted the media in this case it seems only the association has a reputation that can be tarnished.  The justice system encompassing everything from police, prisons, probation, courts and a whole lot more  is perhaps the single area where impressions are as important as the reality; at least as far as the numbers employed in projecting and manipulating those impressions.  Those responsible in Scotland for the probation service have only themselves to blame for stories like this

The disaster that was Chris Grayling`s time as Justice Secretary was predicted by those, who unlike him, realised what the reality of his changes would mean.  But the weasels in Petty France and their thousands of column inches of utter garbage smothered discontent until a lobby fodder of M.P.s forced changes.  The ventriloquist`s dummy at the MOJ had this tweeted reply to a recent parliamentary question on the Criminal Courts Charge imposed by Grayling who of course achieved promotion for his efforts. 

When the manipulators are out of their depth and their reliance on so called fake news itself becomes discredited only those actively seeking the truth will be able to discriminate between what "they" tell us and the reality. That will be a sad time for us all.

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  1. I read your posts most nights because they are generally interesting and topical. As well as being a JP (now retired) I was a general manager of an autonomous division of a major multinational and I soon learned that I had to know my business inside and out. That meant I was always ready for the big question from an International Vice President or similar. How can it be that that the wonderkids at Petty France really don't know (or haven't found out because they don't care) how much money is owed to us - the tax payers - in unpaid fines or Courts Charges? They could give this as a project to a young graduate on work experience. Give him the authority and a spreadsheet and I guess you could have the answer by lunchtime! But they would rather reply by saying that the costs in finding these answers would be disproportionate to the value of their replies. Sam Gyimah you should be ashamed of yourself as a member of government. As I have said before 'ýou couldn't make it up'!