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Wednesday, 5 April 2017


I`m more than ever convinced that our justice system; a term which denotes some degree of clarity and precision and is perhaps misplaced in this instance, depends on expediency over function.  Criminal Behaviour Orders are a case in point: a civil order with criminal sanctions.  It has taken a long time for the legal world to catch up with "domestic violence".  Indeed it is still some way behind.

The case of Kylle Godfrey is disturbing.  It wreaks of  the thought processes used by the likes of the Stasi; gleaning information from neighbourhood informers and the like.  In a coherent justice continuum such individuals as the above mentioned would be locked away from society for a time thought applicable to his offending.  But where the basis of the Sentencing  Council on government instruction is to avoid incarceration where humanly possible Godfrey and his ilk will be a danger to the public.  Evil exists in this society.  No amount of wishful thinking will remove it from our daily lives.

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