Now that I am retired having been many years a magistrate with a long awareness of the declining freedoms enjoyed by the ordinary citizen and a corresponding fear of the big brother state`s ever increasing encroachment on civil liberties I hope that my personal observations within these general parameters will be of interest to those with an open mind. Having been blogging with this title for many years against the rules of the Ministry of Justice my new found freedom should allow me to be less inhibited in these observations.

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Thursday, 30 April 2015


All those involved or remotely concerned with the justice system in this country will be unsurprised that law `n order has not been a topic of those seeking to bribe us for our votes next Thursday.  When the NHS has been adopted as an article of faith and those offering alternatives to its current position as the national religion being described as heretics to expect intelligent comment on both defence and justice in this election is to expect disappointment.   But the statistics are still emanating from Petty France.  I doubt there will be much comment on this latest set of numbers concerning re-offending.  For the mathematically inclined try crunching them with your coffee and biscuits.

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