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Friday, 3 April 2015


I`ve long been critical of the Magistrates` Association.  I resigned my membership years ago.  Unlike eg the B.M.A. it provides no professional indemnity or professional assistance for members who get themselves in a bit of trouble.  Its only useful innovation was to succeed an individually produced forum on its members` site by a professionally designed one where members could exchange opinions moderated by a few hardworking colleagues who gave freely of their time.  That platform has now been removed.  Only about 80% of magistrates belong to the M.A..  Old hands disillusioned by its infectivity in promoting matters in the interests of J.P.s have resigned or failed to renew memberships.  Money is tight cf a decade ago but I`m sure those at the helm are patient enough to queue up for their gongs..........after all isn`t that why they stood for office in the first place?


  1. In positive spirit:

    "..disillusioned by its infectivity in promoting matters.."

    I fear that the auto-correct spiel-cheeker (sic) has slipped its leash.

    Best wishes re retirement

  2. The BMA doesn't provide professional indemnity, or even much professional assistance if you are in trouble (other than employment matters) - organisations such as MDU, MPS, MDDUS etc fulfil that function.