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Thursday, 4 June 2015


Capita plc the outsourcing megalith which collects license money for BBC and is probably hard at it behind the scenes lobbying against any attempts to decriminalise non payment of such despite protestations from BBC bigwigs is also the company that collects council tax for many boroughs including my own.  Recently I received a form for me to sign confirming the number of people at my property eligible to be counted for said tax.  There was a space below my address which asked for my trelephone number and e mail address so that I might be subject to a telephone survey.  I returned the form leaving the space empty.  This is just another example of such bodies collecting information to which they are not entitled but how many will feel comfortable not answering in the required format?  

All of which leaves me bemused by the arch libertarian and Eurosceptic David Davis M.P.`s  opposition to the so called "snoopers` charter" yet also opposing the government`s aim to withdraw from the European Court of Human Rights.  Would we be in a better place had he won the Tory leadership contest against  another David a decade ago?

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