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Thursday, 11 June 2015


Being of a generation that, when much younger,  didn`t have the money, the opportunity or a big desire to sojourn through far flung exotic parts of this world I really have little sympathy with a proportion of a current generation of travellers that appears to ignore, have little knowledge of or fails to observe local mores and customs of those who follow traditions unfamiliar to westerners.  Such appears to be the case of the mountain strippers.  However ludicrous it might seem to us if an area`s native people believe in causes and effects which are akin in our eyes  to medieval witchcraft it would seem wise to bear such considerations in mind before acting in a manner which insults those beliefs. Having acres of flesh visible on a beach on the Riviera does not allow the wearing of bikinis or budgie smugglers on the Promenade des Anglais.  However wisdom per se is not a function of youth but it should be a pre requisite  of High Court judges except it appears to be absent in the reasoniong of  High Court Judge Mrs Justice Pauffley.  She was prepared to allow for the Indian cultural heritage of a father to be considered in a case related to his abuse of his child. So there we have it; the law can be applied according to the culture of the law breaker........precisely the same kind of disjointed reasoning as allowed the abomination of child abuse by men of Pakistani origin in so many northern towns to continue for years after the knowledge of such crimes was known to police and child protection agencies.  During my time on the bench similar attitudes were occasionally expressed by some colleagues after listening to the pleas of a defence advocate.  Thankfully such views never became a majority on any case in which I was involved.  But I do wonder sometimes........................

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  1. US Department of State has two sets of laws.
    One for ordinary people and another one for
    big shots and friends. Who cares? Ordinary
    people cannot be heard. They never answer
    any questions and the Department of State is above
    the POPE, Constitution, etc. By the way, ordinary
    people do not make laws or lobbying. Ordinary people
    are just used for hypocrite politicians every for years
    to get their posts. Then bye bye.
    Ah Constituent Services: What should be a Constitutional obligation
    is also only for the rich, for the famous. Ordinary people is not able to get
    the full attention of his Representative, Senator. They are left with
    their staff and they act more like prosecutors of the Federal Agencies.
    Congratulations American Injustice!!!