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Monday, 22 June 2015


Of all public services the police perhaps are the most adept at using reality television to put their best size 13 feet forward hoping that by so doing the warts on the rest of their body corporate will be overlooked.  Currently the Metropolitan Police and its Commissioner are telling us on BBC TV what fine fellows they are in often difficult situations.  From street to cell Ch4 had its own production recently and most days we can view some police car or other racing up or down a motorway in its pursuit of menaces to the rest of the country`s drivers going about their lawful business.  That is of course if we forget about the use of a mobile whilst driving.  Now that is truly a danger.  Instead of increasing the number of penalty points on conviction to 5 or 6 the lawmakers are apparently considering  increasing the fine to a level 3 {£1,000}  when it is widely accepted that threat of disqualification is the more effective deterrent to drivers who continue to offend.  So what can we make of the  only conviction so far of a middle lane hogger?  The answer is simple: ensure it gets maximum publicity for what was a completely unnecessary newly created offence.  Driving without due care and attention has been the law for decades.  It can eg constitute eating an apple when driving.  All it takes is a comparison with what would be expected of a reasonably competent driver.  Tailgating was also created as a stand alone offence.   

It`s the king with no clothes all over again.  Where is the little boy to shout that the police are in the altogether?

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