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Thursday, 23 July 2015


Notwithstanding Apple`s recent climbdown over payments to artists during the first three months of its new music download scheme as I type this I`m listening to music ripped from CDs I`ve purchased previously on to my hard drive.  It seems now I`m a law breaker after the recent ruling at the High Court.  By all accounts it is generally recognised that this legal decision has nowhere to go; it will rarely if ever be implemented.  Is this truly a case where one might consider that the law is an ass!

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  1. Another piece of nonsense which brings the law into disrepute. You and I have already paid the performing rights fee when we purchased the CD legally, so when we copy it onto something which we listen to more regularly - such as for instance an MP3 file to play in new cars, which no longer have CD players but digital "entertainment centres" - then we are being asked to pay the same fee again!