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Thursday, 16 July 2015


So..........more courts are to close........oops! apologies for misleading my reader.  The government has just issued a consultation on the topic.  That makes a big difference of course.  It`s available here but after reading through all the self congratulations by the minister the appropriate page appears not to be available. 

P.S. Notice where he describes courts` availabilities by car travel.  Perhaps it doesn`t occur to the arrogant worthies who write these pieces that so many attendees at magistrates` courts rely upon public transport. 

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  1. Sorry editor but there is a major difference between the proximity of courts and the ability to get to a GP's surgery or hospital. It shouldn't be a regular trip to the court but it may well be many regular trips to a doctor. I for one would far rather taxpayers' money was spent on NHS than keeping unnecessary courts open. All users at Crown Courts generally have further to travel anyway.