Now that I am retired having been many years a magistrate with a long awareness of the declining freedoms enjoyed by the ordinary citizen and a corresponding fear of the big brother state`s ever increasing encroachment on civil liberties I hope that my personal observations within these general parameters will be of interest to those with an open mind. Having been blogging with this title for many years against the rules of the Ministry of Justice my new found freedom should allow me to be less inhibited in these observations.

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Sunday, 5 July 2015


Whilst an active J.P.  and also subsequently I have been surprised or perhaps amazed is a more appropriate description of my demeanour at how many magistrates, enveloped in the mushroom cloud that has been created to place victims  at the centre of the justice system, have forgotten that they must always be aware of the public interest and its protection.  Therefore I find it incredible that in this case of multiple speeding an offender has not been disqualified as a totter from driving.  It would appear that a plea of exceptional hardship must have been accepted by the bench and having reached that decision against all the odds a period of disqualification less than the usual six months was not even imposed.  To allow such an offender to continue driving even without a full report of the case before us is just the sort of sentencing that brings the bench into contempt. By treating him as a very naughty boy those involved do the office of lay magistrate  no good service.

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